Eisenhower Bridge of Valor

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Who we are...

We are a local Red Wing, MN resource recognizing ALL those who served.

Whether you served in the Armed Forces or you proudly wake up each morning being the best human you could possible be. Many factors weigh in to the development and implementation of the new legislative name change of the Eisenhower Memorial Bridge to the Eisenhower Bridge of Valor. 

The Eisenhower Bridge of Valor was simply renamed to speak truth, remind us of the everlasting loyalty and to defend freedom. It represents more than just a passage way across the river... It stands tall inspiring us to remember and honor ALL acts of VALOR by our military warriors, law enforcement, firefighters, medical teams and community first responders. We often take for granted the sacrifices so many make throughout our daily lives. We hope this bridge enlightens us on areas of the greater good.


Bridges open up possibilities. Instead of being confined by physical barriers like rivers, lakes, railroad tracks, valleys, or ravines, people can travel safely over bridges to go to work or school, to get medical help, or in times of war, to move fluidly. 

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